Beyond Boundaries: Pioneering Tomorrow’s Mobility Landscape

Urban Mobility

In our ever-changing world, the mobility sector is experiencing a remarkable transformation fueled by technological breakthroughs, environmental consciousness, and shifting consumer preferences.
Within this dynamic landscape, our Mobility Practice Group specializes in Urban Mobility, employing a nuanced approach that seamlessly integrates mobility services, public mobility and micromobility.
Our strategic purview extends beyond city limits, maintaining acute awareness of the broader mobility landscape, encompassing maritime and aerial mobility, allowing us to navigate the complexities and emerging trends that shape the future of transportation.

Mobility Services          Public Mobility          Micromobility

Mobility Services

Within our mobility practice group, we center our efforts on various mobility services, covering car sharing, car rental, taxi hailing, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Our focus is on connecting organizations with top talent in these sectors through targeted executive search solutions. We aim to understand the specific needs and nuances of the ride-sharing landscape, facilitating strategic partnerships between professionals and companies to drive innovation and efficiency.

Public Mobility

In the realm of public mobility, our practice extends to the transportation of people, encompassing train, tram, bus and metro services. We specialize in executive search solutions tailored to the unique challenges of public mobility, connecting organizations with skilled individuals who can contribute to the enhancement and sustainability of transit systems. Our goal is to foster collaborations that address the evolving needs of public transportation, ensuring the success of both professionals and the organizations they serve.

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Micro Mobility

Specializing in scooters and bikes, our micromobility practice excels in executive search solutions, connecting organizations with top talent to drive innovation in this dynamic sector. Focused on the efficient and sustainable management of micro-scale mobility services, we foster collaborations that enhance environmental consciousness and overall success. Committed to addressing the unique challenges of micromobility, our goal is to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of compact and eco-friendly transportation options.

LATZER ASSOCIATES GROUP Deutschland GmbH - Nina Trifunović

Nina Trifunović

Senior Associate Mobility

“Navigating the dynamic landscape of mobility necessitates constant updates; success comes from understanding 
the trends and finding candidates that perfectly match our clients’ evolving needs.”