Our story

Frank Latzer

After two decades of success as a strategy consultant, Mr. Latzer had the vision to start something new: a Global Consulting Boutique that could serve as a reference point for both large, world-renowned international companies and more traditional, mid-sized family-run firms.

LATZER ASSOCIATES GROUP Deutschland GmbH - Frank Latzer


All dreams come true. In 2004 the company was  established in Germany.

In a short time, the company had successfully completed hundreds of mandates in the areas of Executive Search and Human Resource Management.



As LAG´s influence grew, so did Mr. Latzer's ambitions.

Few years later a new office was opened in Munich. The aim was to be closer to German clients and to further expand the company's reach.

New York &

Global Footprint

Following successful partnerships within Europe, new global hubs in the Asia Pacific region and the United States were opened.


Today, LAG has a global reach.
Our international team allows us to have a global perspective enabling us to identify the best candidates for our clients regardless of their location.

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