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Only a deep understanding of the automotive industry, our client‘s strategy and corporate culture allowed us to build relationships lasting over a decade. Aiding our clients in building structures, finding fitting executives and supporting in talent management is at the core of our business.

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In an era marked by uncertainty, navigating the automotive landscape demands a unique blend of reverence for tradition and a forward-thinking vision. From the pressing concerns of climate change to the emergence of revolutionary technologies, the automotive industry faces an array of contemporary challenges. The key to surmounting these obstacles lies in agile leadership.
At LAG, we proudly stand at the forefront of this dynamic sector, armed with a rich history of industry expertise and a diverse, forward-looking team.


As automotive suppliers face mounting pressure from the increasing demands of OEMs, the imperative for innovation across all facets of their business becomes paramount.
We possess a profound understanding of the key elements that drive supplier success, enabling us to adeptly assist our clients in navigating technological transformations, including ADAS, R&D, Industry 4.0, software systems, and electrification, with the guidance of experienced business leaders

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Software Providers

The future of mobility is software-defined, and software is obligatory to help define new business models, implement hardware innovations and create new capabilities.
Cutting-edge software organisations see great opportunities in the automotive sphere by defining new services and applications.
Our highly diverse team has the know-how to identify and relate to tech leaders and is able to provide you with the agile leaders that create business for tomorrow.

Rising Stars

Innovation, great ideas, and new perspectives that is what characterise the most promising start-ups. But properly scaling up a business needs a different skill set.
With our vast network within all the roots of the automotive industry, we are able to identify key personnel that can expand the company’s network, bring standardisation, and create processes to comply with the expectations of the client.


The future of EV adoption largely depends on the development of battery systems to make them more efficient and effective. Only with adequate technological development and scaling can the end product fit into modern life. We can support the development of an organisation that incorporates the elements that are necessary to be successful in the battery market.
Our diverse team possesses the expertise to recognize and connect with industry industry leaders. We are well-equipped to offer you agile leaders who are instrumental in shaping the future of your business.

LATZER ASSOCIATES GROUP Deutschland GmbH - Sander Hop

Sander Hop

Senior Associate Automotive

“Connecting talent with the opportunities requires more than skill – it’s a commitment to understanding our clients, customizing offers, and securing the perfect fit.”